About Me

Dionysia Ross

I am an only child raised in Brooklyn, New York by a single mother from a Caribbean island known as Trinidad.

Growing up in the busy streets of NYC was not easy at all, but when I look back at everything, I am really grateful – She truly did her best with what she had and what she was taught.

Inspired by my lived experience

After experiencing difficulties both physically and emotionally from middle school to high school, I decided to move out of Brooklyn after graduation.

I decided to attend college with the intention of becoming an adolescent psychologist but after my second semester, I decided to change my major to nursing. My journey to becoming a nurse has been far from easy but in May of 2018, I graduated with my BSN.

Even though I’m a registered nurse, helping the next generation has always been my passion.

I have served as a youth leader at my church for 7 & 8-grade girls.

On 8/31/20 I released a podcast called the Beautiful Teenage Imperfection Podcast. This podcast was created for preteens /teens to learn how to love their imperfections at a time in life when perfection seems to be the key to success.

As I was there not too long ago, I remember my struggles with depression, anxiety, heartbreak, generational curses, and traumas.

All lessons have molded me to become the woman God intended me to be.

As I learn to love my imperfections daily,  many times I think back to my teenage years. I learned that the beauty of life lies within the state of imperfection.

In January 2023 I became a Teen Wisdom Certified Teen Coach to make an impact and inspire the next generation of black and brown teen girls.

Teen Coaching is the answer

As a Teen Wisdom Certified Teen Life Coach, I am trained in the tools, strategies, and processes your teen daughter needs to navigate the teen years - and beyond.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to support black and brown girls by giving them practical life skills that will result in enhanced self-esteem and personal power.

Feel confident, excited, and inspired by the person your teen daughter will become. No more fights, drama, or worrying about her future.

Less Girl Drama

A more calm, happy and confident teen

A teen that makes good decisions and has a brighter future

Beyond the Teen Years

6-week coaching program

My 6-week coaching program allows teens to envision their life beyond their teen years. I provide girls with tools and strategies to help increase their self-awareness and decision-making.

Let's get on a call and see if this program would be the right fit for you!

Listen to my podcast!

Beautiful Teenage Imperfection

The Podcast

The Beautiful Teenage Imperfection Podcast is a bi-weekly conversation with Certified Teen Life Coach/ Registered Nurse Dionysia Ross. Created to inspire and equip Black & Brown Teen Girls with the confidence and security needed to take on the world, alongside teaching them to love their imperfections, when perfection may be perceived as the key to success. “Who Am I”? This is a question that many teens try to answer, some with guidance and others without. The goal of this podcast is to help the next generation of black and brown teen girls by providing them with tools and strategies to help increase their self-esteem, self-awareness, and decision-making.

3 Steps to Work with Me


Set an intention

What is the aim or plan? Together, we will set goals to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Action Plan

After we understand and have a clear roadmap, the next step will be to propose a strategy or course of action.


Time Frame

How long will it take to get the results we want? Each teen's time frame may be different, but a minimum of 6 weeks is recommended.

Download my PDF to help you navigate the teen years with ease

Discover useful tips on how to communicate with your parents, how to overcome FOMO (fear of missing out), how to practice self-love, how to improve your mother-daughter relationship, and more.

Let's work together to make your teen years awesome!

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